Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When I talked to Ed, it was in my apartment with the shotgun leaning against the wall within easy reach.

"Ed, I'm sure by now Becky has told you what I found. I am also sure you gave her some cock and bull story, so let's not even go there. Instead let me tell you what I think our situation is here."

"Okay," he didn't seem nearly nervous enough.

"I could go to the cops with what I know and what I think. I could even go to the DEA. From your demeanor I'm pretty sure you know I won't unless you force my hand. Just for the hell of it let me tell you how it would play out. The DEA would press for a seizure of all your assets as proceeds of a criminal enterprise. You wouldn't be able to pay Al Floyd's family and he would roll over on you. Then it would be real prison time." He still looked calm. "I'm not sure that Al didn't do the wet work on your wife. I'm pretty sure he at least helped you dispose of the body. If you want to try me then we are all going to know."

"Now you can prevent this by staying away from my friend Becky."

"So if I don't stay away from Becky, you make those wild accusations."

"That's petty much it," I agreed.

"And if I accuse you of setting up Becky's stalker, along with burglary ect?"

"Then I become a hero in town and do a little probation, while you go the federal prison in Atlanta. I'd say you get the worst end of that stick."

"Then I suppose I would have to think of something else." The threat was in his voice."

"Yeah I thought that might be on your mind. I'm not an easy man to kill. If anything happens to me then Lucy will send your package to the DEA, FBI and local cops. If you happen to try and miss, I will hunt you down and bust a cap in your ass. Now if you really want to go toe to toe with me, we can always do it right now." When I finished that statement, I immediately turned the table over on him. Then I grabbed the pump gun and stuck the barrel in his chest. "So what's it going to be." At that point he did look scared. "If I'm going to kill you, now is as good a time as any. By the way if you didn't come armed, I have a cold .22 I can lay on you." He really looked scared at that point. BS threats are one thing, but a shotgun in your chest and a careful explanation of how a murder will go, tends to get one's attention.

"Okay, I'm going to stay away from your friend."

"I would suggest you get out of the drug business, you don't really have the stomach for it." Ed left with his tail between his legs. Even so I watched him till he drove away. I also forced Lucy to spend a couple of days in my apartment.

She stayed just until Becky called and cussed me out. She is the one who told me Ed had decided to sell his club and move away. I had no idea if it would happen or not, but I did feel a little better.

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