Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday morning began with a real breakfast thanks to Maggie. Maggie was the only one of us who could actually cook. Lucy was pretty good at the basics but Maggie could really cook. Me,I could eat and pay the bill, that's about all I was good for.

After breakfast the two of them took off for Jacksonville and the furniture stores it held. I got on Becky's computer and made my final plans. I downloaded a copy of the e bike plans from an old man on one of the forums. He had tried about everything. He had also designed three different ebikes. I chose the one with the simplest design. It required the purchase of almost every component pre-made. He swore that the actual construction wasn't hard, but I didn't plan to do it anyway. What I did plan was to get all the parts in and then take it to someone to actually do the installation.

There was a parts list with the instructions. I ordered the parts that I could get on ebay first. Those would have to be shipped to me. I figured that in a week, I would have all the components. At that time I would be ready to find someone to assemble them.

I found a powerful motor first thing, then a drive assembly from a different kind of vehicle. I would just have to reconfigure it for use with a bicycle. I ordered a speed controller and throttle from an electric scooter dealer. I also bought a small amount of chain to turn the drive wheel. I still had a hardware store list, but it could wait.

The rest of the day was spent laying around the house watching movies on Becky's DVD system. I found out quickly that no matter what Becky said, she was a romantic. Since I also like romance, I was happy with the discovery.

I was napping on the sofa when the two of them arrived. They were all smiles and giggles. "So what's the verdict?" I asked.

"The verdict is, we are finished except for cleaning. There are a few little things that need doing so it will be tomorrow afternoon before you are ready to move back into your place."

"Oh I have to stay here with you two again," I said it with a huge smile on my face. I actually did like the idea of not sleeping on the floor again. I had been sleeping in beds for the last two months and was used to them again.

"Yep one more night in my bed." Becky said it with another giggle. I couldn't judge Lucy's reaction to that comment but they seemed to have worked everything out so I just kept my mouth shut.

Lucy took a shower in the guest bath while I started a shower in Becky's bathroom. I was pretty far along when the glass door opened and Becky stepped in. I had seen her almost naked but never completely naked. She looked better with her clothes on but it just wasn't the same. A naked woman even one with a body that isn't perfect is still arousing.

"I always knew I turned you on," Becky said with a smile after seeing the effect she had on me.

"I never said that you didn't."

"I know but you are so controlled that it was hard to tell. That is until I got you in here with no clothes to hide behind."

"So now you know for sure all the parts work."

"Okay, I admit that I had begun to worry."

We went right from the shower to the bed. Having a bathroom off the bedroom makes that kind of thing possible. I wasn't really surprised that Becky showed up naked in the shower. I wasn't surprised by how good her naked body had felt both in the shower and in the bed. I was surprised when Lucy joined us a few minutes after we were in bed.

"I'm your chaperon," she said.

"Okay, but you can't be dressed in my bed," Becky said. That immediately caused Lucy to remove her long tee shirt and slip into the bed beside me. It was a strange night. A night I will remember forever, but also never describe in detail.

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