Monday, September 7, 2009

It was right after 9pm when the two of them came dragging in. They were pretty clean to have been painting since five. "So how did it go?" I asked.

"Not too bad," Becky replied. Then she added, "We have about half of it done." We are going shopping tomorrow morning. The stores promised they would deliver tomorrow, if we had things purchased by noon. Then in the afternoon we will finish the painting. If they can't deliver it all, Lucy is taking a vacation day to be there to let them in on Monday."

"You don't have to do that, I can let them in," I offered.

"Would you promise not to look just to open the door for them?" Lucy asked.

"Of course I could do that."

"I don't trust him," Becky said with a huge smile.

"I know," Lucy agreed. "Let's see how tomorrow goes."

Both women were in Becky's kitchen eating take out pizza during the discussion. I had already had a dinner of hot dogs from the Quickie Mart. Two hot dogs all he way and a bag of barbecue chips worked just fine as a dinner but only once in a while. It was not a meal I wanted more than once a month or so.

After their pizza first Lucy showered, then Becky. I had already done my evening ritual before they arrived home. Even though I slept pretty well the night before, I was still exhausted from the trip.

"I'm sorry ladies but I am going to bed." I waited for a reply there was none. "I suppose it's the guest room for Lucy so I'll bunk on the floor in here."

"Actually you are sleeping with me," Becky said as if the subject was closed and of course it was. I really didn't mind the schedule of musical beds the two of them had somehow worked out.

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