Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When I arrive home on the Ebike, I put it away first, then went looking for Lucy. Since her car was in the drive I expected to find her at home. When there was no answer to my knock, I was confused. Finally I decided that she had gone somewhere with a friend.

"Well hello, its about time you got here." Lucy said from inside my apartment.

"I guess Becky spoke with you?" It was a question and we both knew it.

"Yes," was her only reply. Obviously she had known about Ed before I did.

"So, what is the deal?"

"Becky really likes him but there is this cloud hanging over him. Half the people who know him think he killed his wife. Of course all the people who just read about it think so as well."

"His story is she just took off. From having tried to talk to him for just a few minutes, I tend to believe him."

"Yes he is as dull as dishwater," she agreed.

"So can I count on you to help?"

"After what we all went through together, of course," she replied.

I was just as glad she didn't innumerate what we had been through. Some things are best left unsaid. "Well Mr. Personality is home writing us a book."

"I know Becky is helping and will email it to me when it is finished. I'll go ahead and check her credit cards and do a simple skip trace on her."

"Now how do you know about skip traces?"

"I wasn't always a librarian you know."

"I do not even want to know about your sorted past." I laughed out loud.

"This may be our last chance for real food, you wanna go out?" Lucy asked. She wnt on to answer her own question. "I do, and not to a diner. I want to go to 'The Rendezvous."

"Okay, dark, fancy restaurant serving foreign food it is."

The restaurant really was dark. I had a hard time with the menu so I let Lucy suggest until something that sounded harmless came up.

The food wasn't too bad so I was in a pretty good mood when we got home. "The same rules as before?" Lucy asked.

"We work when we work, we do what we can, we take expenses from Ed nothing more, I suggested.

"You and I share a bed again?"

"Somethings are best left unplanned."

I hadn't had anyone in my bed for the last few weeks. I finally understood why Becky hadn't been around. It looked as though Lucy had been waiting for an invitation or something. I hoped she understood that I was chasing girls young enough to be my kids. I wasn't about to run away either.

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