Thursday, September 24, 2009

"We need to take a look at Floyd," I suggested.

"I thought so to, but that is going to be damn hard."

"Why is that?"

"He is doing two years in state prison."

"When did that happen,"

"A couple of months ago. He got picked up when neighbors complained about the smell coming from his house. Turns out Floyd is a bit of a chemist. He was running a meth lab."

"How long after Mattie went missing?" I asked.

"Less than a month. The funny part was that the detective told me they offered him a deal to roll over on his boss. Floyd isn't smart enough to run a drug ring. Someone was pulling his strings. The cops wanted that person. but Floyd wouldn't give him up. They offered him a pretty good deal or so he said. The detective said that it was like he was more afraid of the boss, than doing the time."

"That is really strange. Most guys with a drug arrest can't wait to give up their friends and even family." I gave that some thought. The story on why Floyd got banned from Ed's club, do we have more than the bartender's version."

"No just her's and Ed's of course." She say my look of concern. We could talk to the girl who was with Floyd. The one he was trying to impress."

"Do we know who she is?"

"No but I will know in about ten minutes," Lucy said removing her cell phone from her oversize purse. "Janet Wilkes," she said after the call.

Then try to contact her. I want to know if the story the bartender told was tainted by her desire to keep her job."

"Well if there was a different reason, it would be convenient to have the only witness work for you." Lucy said.

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