Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucy stayed the night. I left her sleeping while I took the very quiet ebike to the burger burger, then to the marina to down the egg sandwich on a toasted hamburger bun. I sat for a couple of hours watching the weekend fishermen head out for a day on the water. I was always amazed at the difference in the dress of the weekend fishermen and the professionals.

Tee shirts with little symbols over long shorts were pretty impractical for a man to wear out in the sun and wind everyday. Plus most of the charter boats had someone to do the dirty work like bait the hook and land the fish. Since that was the case there was not much need for the day fishermen to dress in heavy duty work clothes. Still almost all the tourists had those captain's cap. They seemed to be almost part of a uniform.

The battery charger for the bike's three 12v batteries was plugged into the outlet at the base of the parking lot light. I doubt that anyone else even knew it was there. As a cop you see all kinds of things. I used to see a camper parked in the mall parking lot every year during a golf tournament. There was a thick power cord running from the base of a light to the vehicle. If you look at enough light poles you will eventually fine one with a plug. It is the place the maintenance workers plug in their power tools.

Ed found me sitting in the shade with the usual black coffee in my hand. Since it was almost empty I was happy that he brought a full one. He also brought his information booklet. I had no idea if he understood that I knew Becky had helped him prepare it.

"I brought coffee," he said quietly.

"Coffee is always a good thing," I replied.

"So when can you get started?"

"Well with a little luck we are already started. My partner should be doing computer checks this morning."

"Ah you mean Lucy?"

"Yes I mean Lucy."

"So you will keep me informed."

"You will be the third person to know if I find out anything at all."

"You mean Lucy and Becky will know before I do?"

"Most likely yes."

He just nodded. He seemed somehow disappointed that I didn't rush off to go to work on his problem. He didn't know that I had no idea what to do first. It's best if people like Ed didn't know too much.

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