Friday, September 18, 2009

"Lucy," I said even before she began telling me the results of her computer search. "I need to know how much Ed knows about us."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"When Becky said she wanted me to look into this, he was bound to ask, 'just who the hell is Mike Abrams'." I looked at her a long minute then added. "I need to know what she told him."

"You know we broke a couple of laws getting rid of Becky's stalker. I don't want that coming back to bite us, if the news on Ed's wife is bad." I didn't tell her the real reason. The real reason was I needed to say off the police radar.

"I see what you mean. I guess we need to just ask Becky."

"Yes, if she wants to tell Ed after they are married that's fine. First we need to find out, if there is anything about his wife's disappearance he needs to make right."

"So do you want me to call her to get that settled before I tell you what I found."

"Did you find a smoking gun?"

"No, just more questions than answers," she replied.

"Then yeah, let's see if we really want to be involved in this after all."

Two hours later both women were in my apartment. I chose it because it was as close to an interrogation room as anything I had available. The idea of a room just for interrogations raises a suspects stress level. If you can't get him off guard, at last get him off balance. Becky had to at least know we were serious, since both of us sat across the toolbox table from her.

"So Becky how serious is this thing with ED?" I asked.

"Serious enough that I want to know what happened to his wife," she replied.

"What did you tell him about Me and Lucy?"

"What do you mean?"

"Sweetie, some of the things we did to get rid of Sheila and her girl friend were not exactly kosher. I don't want to go to jail, if I find something bad about Ed. So what does he know?"

"He knows I trust you and that you took care of a personal problem I had. He doesn't know what the problem was or what you did."

"This is too serious to screw around with Becky. If you did tell him anything you need to fess up to it," Lucy advised.

"Lucy I was serious, I told him nothing. I don't completely trust him yet. I know that breaking into their house and steeling their hard drive and then blackmailing them was illegal. I don't want to go to jail as an accessory either. I know that Ed might be capable of turning on all of us. I am being very careful with him. You have my word on it."

"Alright then we will take a look at it. Lucy will let you know what we find." I said it in a lighter voice. "You wanna stay for pizza?"

"No thanks Ed and I are going to a movie."

"Okay have fun." Lucy and Becky did the huggie thing before Becky left.

"Do you trust her?" Lucy asked.

"I do for now," I replied.

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