Saturday, September 12, 2009

Since I needed something more than watching the boats to keep me occupied, I retrieved the Panasonic Digital camera from Lucy. I wrapped it in a towel, then secured it inside the front basket of my new E bike. I spent that next day testing the bike for range and making pictures of things I saw along the way.

When I got home I worked the images with the software included with my camera. It allowed me to make the pictures a little more acceptable. When I had narrowed it down to half a dozen, I went in search of a photo forum. I found one where the members seemed to be both knowledgeable and friendly.

Their rule was that I could post only one image a day for critique and advice. I begged them to be brutally honest but also constructive. I allowed the member to edit the image without permission as well. That was as long as they posted both the edited version and the original for comparison.

I chose a wide angle shot of the marina. The members of the forum worked me over hard. It was what I expected and what I wanted. I knew from their remarks that I had a lot to learn. I also knew I could pass a lot of time learning and working with the images. I was tickled pink.

For a few days my images were getting a lot of, "It's a nice snapshot but just a snapshot." The first decent review I got was on a shot of the old man looking at the marina. I thought that it was a nice image and the forum agreed.

I passed a couple of weeks like that. During all that time I had no contact with Becky. She didn't call or stop by. I wasn't angry but I was a little surprised.

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