Monday, September 21, 2009

"It looks like Ed might have done something to Mattie," Lucy said just as soon as she walked through the door.

"Well hello to you to," I said smiling.

"Sorry Mikes, I am just so pissed. Becky might be in danger and I want to help."

"So what makes you think Ed did something to make her disappear."

"Her supervisor with the county said she had come to work with bruises on her neck a couple of times."

"Ah well you are right that doesn't look good. Did she tell the cops that when they interviewed her?"

"She said that she told the detectives after Mattie had been gone for about ten days. She didn't tell them at first."

"When You talk to the cop who investigated the case mention it. See what they concluded."

"Should I warn Becky?"

"Not yet. Wait at least until you talk to the police. After that we might want to put a bug in her ear." I paused and thought about it a moment before I went on. "Funny the parents didn't mention any abuse. I'm sure they think Ed had something to do with Mattie leaving, but they never said a word about abuse. Mostly that the two of them didn't seem to get along all that well most of the time, but now and they they were all over each other. According to Mattie's mom, it was down right embarrassing some of the time."

"That is strange," she suggest. After a moment she went on, "I made an appointment to stop by one of Mattie's friends house tonight. We have time for dinner how bout JR's and I'll buy," Lucy suggested.

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