Sunday, September 6, 2009

I found out what she meant a few minutes later when Lucy asked, "Do you have any of the pervert's money left?"

"Some sure, did you expect a cut?" I smiled since I was sure she didn't.

"Not exactly but Becky and I have been talking over the last two months."

"Oh really and what were you two talking about."

"Mostly about you and our relationship with each other. See here is the thing, we both enjoy hanging out with you, individually and all of us together. We think that we should remain good friends. You know just like we were when you left."

"I'm glad to hear that," I said in agreement.

"It was such a rush, when the news of their arrest came out." Becky added. "I felt like I had really made a difference in the world."

"That too," Lucy agreed. "But this is about us on a personal level."

"Okay, I get it but what has it to do with the money?"

"Well we have decided this place needs a make over. Making this place more girl friendly would be a good use of that money."

"Well I can go along with that but only if you remember it doesn't belong to me. When I leave, I can't take anything with me."

"And you remember it isn't really our money, so you shouldn't worry about taking anything with you."

I thought about it a minute and realized that she was right. It was how I tried to thing about the dope money as well. "Okay how much?"

"What do you want it to look like?" Becky asked. I had the feeling she was the one who cared what I thought. Left up to Lucy it would be her ideas period. Lucy was the more pushy of the two.

"I don't know kind of like a clean workshop." I said that smiling.

"Right," Lucy said sarcastically.

"No wait," Becky suggested. "I think he has something. We can do a lot of things with stuff from home depot in Jacksonville.

"You are kidding?" Lucy asked seriously. "I am not building anything."

"Not at all," Becky said with a smile. "We can talk about it tomorrow."

Lucy nodded then she said, "Let's finish with old business first." She turned her attention from Lucy to me. "You need to move out of here tomorrow." I tried to protest but she bullied me. "It's only for a few days. We want it to be a big surprise."

"I'm sure it will be." I agreed.

"Here," Lucy said handing me the key to her apartment. You can stay with me till it's done."

"Or with me," Becky said handing me her key as well.

"By the way, I had a copy of your apartment key made for Becky," Lucy said. "Don't look so shocked, we have come to an understanding. Someday I'll explain it to you."

I didn't ask. For the time being I didn't really want to know what the arrangement was exactly.

After the two of them left with $1500, I went to the storage area and re interred the dope money. While I was there I hid the shotgun under an old pair of curtains. It would never do to leave it in the apartment while delivery men were in and out all day. I had been warned that the girls planned to buy new furniture.

It was almost midnight when the light shined through my window warning me that I had company. I looked out the glass part of the door. I was not that surprised to see Lucy standing on my stairs.

"Well hello again," I said stepping back from the doorway to allow her entrance."

"I was too excited to sleep."

"I'm sorry Lucy but I rode that bike pretty hard the last couple of days and I'm exhausted. I really am not up to entertaining you."

"No need to entertain me," with that she let the housecoat slip from her shoulders. Under it she wore some kind of very see through short gown thing. I had never seen so much of her but I had felt her body pressed against mine. She had lost a few pounds even though she was still a few pounds over the perfect weight. Still she had a great body, built for comfort.

"Oh my," I said admiring her.

"This will be our last night sleeping on the floor so lets do it right."

There was no real sex but there was a lot of almost sex.

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