Thursday, May 6, 2010

I felt like it might all be behind me. At least until it went to trial. Mary managed to get a copy of the grand jury transcript. I planned to read it until I knew every word I had said to the jury. I knew it might come back to haunt me at a trial. That was another favorite trick of defense attorneys as well as prosecutors.

The transcript wasn't free. It cost me that midnight picnic in the city park. I chose a park with no fence or gates. Nothing for me to break maybe a trespass rap if somebody got a case of the runs. I didn't care for that thought either, but what the heck you only live once. At least I hoped that I wouldn't have to go through all this again.

The picnic ended up being a little more, but that was okay. We were both adults and well over the legal age. The only witnesses might have been rocky raccoon and maybe a possum or two. I didn't think even the state's attorney could get them to testify.

"So," Mary said as we entered my house. "Did you threaten to cut him into little pieces then bring his brother in to do the same to him."

"I don't think I should answer that."

"Sure you should, I'm your shyster lawyer. I can do a better job, if I know the truth."

I had been willing to tell her dad, so I couldn't see any good reason not to tell her. If she ran away, which she might, it could also be a good thing. "What Robbie said is pretty much what happened."

"Would you have cut him into little pieces for Charlie?"

"No for Charlie's wife. I promised her I would see that the men who did it paid. I try to always keep my promises." I could see her mind working.

"That's what I like best about you."

"That I tortured that thug?"

"No that you always keep your word, no matter what the cost. Be careful what you promise me. I will expect you to always make good on them."

"I'll remember that." I said it smiling. "Now who's hair clip is this." she asked holding up a silver hair pin thing.

"Where did you get that?"

"I found it the last time I was here. I have been saving it for just the right moment."

"You mean it isn't yours?"

She burst into laughter. "Actually it is. I just wanted to see if you would cop a plea, and true to your nature you decided to bluff it out. I gotta admire that,"


Mary left the next morning after breakfast. She was in a good mood and I was glad. I had plenty to do that Saturday morning. I didn't need to fight with anyone.

I spent the morning at Office Depot having printing done on their laser printer. They printed stacks of post cards, note cards and mini posters. My bill came to over a hundred dollars but I didn't mind. Win or lose, it was worth it just to have a reason to go to the re enactments.

I should have known from the cool mornings of late that fall was upon me. Fall meant the number of festivals and re enactments fell. The ones that were scheduled were attended by very few tourists. Mostly there would be only participants until spring.

Since I didn't want to sleep on the cold ground and since I was making a two to three hundred dollars a week delivering the court papers, I decided that I would go looking for a small lightweight camper. Something I could pull behind my small ford. I knew there were such things, I had just never seen one for real.

I was still looking in late October when Sam the dog catcher, aka animal control officer, called. "John do you still want a dog. I saw a woman yesterday who has a litter of pups. She wants to try to place them before the shelter takes them."

"What kind are they?" I asked.

"Mixed but there is at least some boxer in them."

Can you meet me there to help pick one out. I don't want to get the wrong one."

"John there ain't no wrong one, but yeah meet me at her place at nine."

Sam gave me the address and I wrote it down. It appeared that I was about to become a dog owner.

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