Monday, October 5, 2009

Since I wanted to do something different for the live shows, I convinced Lucy to pose nude for me. I promised not to show her face to overcome her concern. I also promised that the images would be tasteful. It took a little more convincing but she finally agreed.

On a rainy Sunday morning she came to my apartment wearing jeans and a tee shirt only. I began shooting her completely dressed then worked my way down to the pure nudes. From looking at the small screen images as I went, I was able to make small adjustments to the posing. I could hide parts and emphasize other parts.

I realized that if I got a decent image it would be by accident. I knew from that first shoot that I needed to study the human body, if I intended to shoot any more of the nudes.

Still I accidentally got a half dozen decent images from the two hundred or so that I shot that morning. One was of Lucy holding her tee shirt in front in what appeared to be a failed effort to hide her body. She was smiling an innocent smile in the shot which made it sweet rather than sexy. I had promised to hide her face but I didn't want to do that until she saw the original as a print. If she still felt that way, I would give her the original then do something artsy to disguise her.

The next one I chose was her all folded up like a rose bud. I knew that the pose was a copy of a painting but I didn't care. It was still a great pose for a woman carrying a few extra pounds. It would have been better with a thin girl but Lucy somehow pulled it off just fine. The other four shots were acceptable but not nearly as good as the two I chose.

The rosebud shot was usable without any work since Lucy was looking away from the camera. The one of her looking at the camera was a problem if she objected to her face being shown. I used a photo program which came with my computer to add a mask. The mask I chose to paint on her was a full face mask. The only parts of her face left to show were her eyes and mouth. Her identity was hidden but not so obvious as to make it appear to be a black bar porn shot. She looked mysterious not slutty.

Lucy approved the two images without her face but ordered the one with the face showing to put in her bedroom. The frame print was her payment for modeling for me. I did have her sign a release for the prints, friend or not. I didn't want her coming back to bite me on the ass later. Not so much for the lawsuit problem, since I would just move on and forget it all, as for the not wanting her to get the idea that she could do something like that. I had begun to like St Marys and wanted to stay a while longer.

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