Thursday, October 8, 2009

I was a little surprised to say the least. I swallowed hard then asked, "So what kind of shot did you have in mind?"

"Something tasteful of course," she suggested.

"Good, I wouldn't do any other kind." I though a minute then asked, "When and where would you like to do it."

"We could come to your place," she suggested.

"To be honest I don't have a studio. I just produce art to sell. I have never done this kind of thing, so we will have to play it be ear. Since I do the background by hand, anywhere at all will do."

"Okay, then come to our apartment."

"And where is your apartment?"

"Here in Jacksonville, if you have a piece of paper I can write out the address for you."

"Write your phone number down as well, so that we can work out a time for the shoot." The realization that I didn't have a way to keep the appointment, except to ride to it on the Tomas, struck me. It was the first time since I ran away from home that I really missed my car. I gave some thought to refusing the job, but then I decided that I really did want to do it. I'm just an average guy, so of course I wanted to see her and the friend naked.

When I told Lucy about it. She decided that since I needed a chaperon, she would drive me to the shoot.

On Monday I called to make the appointment. Then on Wednesday evening at 7pm, Lucy and I showed up at the apartment of Kimberly Adams and her friend. The friend was also female, just as I had expected. Two women can pose nude without it looking like porn. A man and a woman always look as if the have either just done it, or are about to do it. It's not overt, but the sexuality is there. No matter what you do to make it about the form, it is always about the sex.

The shoot went well. I shot over a hundred images. The two customers sat in robes while we previewed the images on their big screen TV. They made their choice, then they paid me for a larger print than Kimberly had first ordered. I was expecting the print to be something really special.

I had the sign a little different release than the one Lucy signed. The release they signed said, that if they did not like the finished print,I would return their money, but I could use it in a display or sell it if the opportunity arose.

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