Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life took on a much slower pace as I proceeded with my picture creations. I didn't exactly see it as art, but some folks did. I had a couple of very minor local exhibits. I didn't sell anything but they were fun.

Lucy convinced me to move up in size from 8x10 images to 20x30 images. The paintings took on a different look as she had predicted. I even sprung to have them framed by a professional frame shop. Lucy picked out the frame style for each picture.

My personal life was pretty much in limbo as it always had been. Lucy and I might fall asleep watching TV, otherwise she pretty much went to bed at her place and I at mine. Touchy, feely stuff was encouraged but there was a definite line there. The line got blurred sometimes, but only Lucy was allowed to decide when. That decision was mostly based on the fact that only women say no. Okay, that was an over simplification but probably a pretty accurate statement.

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