Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day two of the show was from noon on Sunday until five pm. The people who stopped by on Sunday were a different type completely. For the most part they were younger and seemed more interested in entertainment than in shopping. There was a surge of pretty conservative adults right after lunch, then a slightly louder more engaged group of shopper in the afternoon.

I had a lot more people stop and discuss my technique than I had the day before. I didn't hear anything about colors not matching the bathroom wallpaper. I felt better about that but I wasn't selling anything either. I did sell one smaller boat print to a couple. The couple who bought it were looking for something to hang in their foyer. It seemed that he was a boat owner and his wife bought it for him as a gift. He was standing with her when she wrote the check. I had her write it to my real name. Since it was only fifty dollars, and Lucy wasn't around, I expected that I could get away with it. I made a note to figure something out so that I didn't have to take checks.

It was after four when the middle aged woman approached me. She wasn't a beauty nor was she a dog. She was just an average looking woman one might see on the street at any time of the day.

"I love your paintings. I was wondering what you would charge to do one for me."

"You want to commission a painting?" I was shocked.

"Yes I suppose I do, if you aren't too expensive."

"What kind of painting and what size," I asked. I was stalling for time since being commissioned to work had never occurred to me. I needed time to decide what to charge.

"I would like a nude of my friend and me." She seemed to be thinking then she went on. "Something about this size," she said pointing to a print about 11x14.

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