Monday, July 26, 2010

I had decided to buy a 25' camping trailer. I planned to park it behind the shop. I could sleep in it until I got my affairs in order. I wanted to get the place up and showing a profit, even if the profit were only on paper, before I bought a house or beachfront condo. It had to do with cover maintenance. I didn't want anyone asking question about me.

I found the trailer on Craig's list. My plan was to move it somewhere down south and have a second beach home. It was comfortable as those tin cans go. I paid six grand for it, but it was only money. I didn't mind that but I did hate the three hundred dollars I had to pay to get the thing towed to the shop.

The shop was due for closing in a week, so I took the chance and stored the trailer on site. If the building fell through I could just pay a few bucks and have the trailer moved. I didn't do anything but have the driver do anything but level the tongue jack. I didn't plan to live in the darn thing until the closing and then only for a few months at the most. Just enough time for it not to be so suspicious me buying a house.

One thing about being in jail with a lot of white collar criminals, it teaches you how to screw around with money. I learned how to make myself a loan for the house I wanted to buy. It would be so clean that nobody would every doubt it. I would just be my own mortgage company. One who never complained about a late payment. Somewhere down the line when the government cut me loose from their assistance, I would just refinance the shop with myself as the banker. Thanks to a couple of guys who made Bernie look like a rank amateur, I could do all kinds of neat things with money and the trail it didn't leave.

I tried my hand at fishing off the pier at Wrightsville|Island. I had a lot more luck at the beer parlor next door. I caught no fish on the pier but I met a heck of a nice young woman in beer joint. She and I seemed to share the same sarcastic sense of humor. There were many nasty zingers floating around the bar that morning.

"Well sorry to do it Eddie, but I have to get ready for work," the almost thirty year old blonde said to me.

"Oh at noon what kind of job starts at noon?"

"None that I know of but it takes me a while to get dressed."

"Oh then you aren't a topless dancer?" I asked.

"Not even close, I'm a Holden Beach police officer," she said flatly. She also stared at me to see what my reaction would be.

"All those years of thinking on my feet had prepared me for all kinds of things. It is probably why I reacted in a positive way rather than a negative one. "Wow, could we play with your handcuffs sometime?" I just knew that it was the right thing to say.

"Oh so original," she said smiling.

"There is a reason why men ask that. We all want to be ravished by younger women."

"And there are plenty who will gladly do it for a price."

"Ah too bad money had to be mentioned. I guess I will just have to dream, since I have no money. Actually I was going to try to borrow enough to pay for these beers."

"No way, I never pay for it." She gave me an evil smile.

"Hell, best I ever had I paid for," I said it smiling. "I can show you sometime."

"Call me," she said writing something on the rear of a business card then handing it to me.

After she left I finished my beer and then I headed for home. Home was still the motel. Fortunately the closing was less than a week away at that point.

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