Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday in the Seymore law office was mostly taking care of details before the weekend. Sort of clear the decks for the inevitable load of new clients on the way. Everything from DUI calls in the middle of the night, to husbands walking out on wives, seemed to double or triple over the weekend. There would be a rush of new work to begin Monday.

"Herbert had me tracing missing witnesses most of the day. I didn't mind the telephone work, since I was good at it. It didn't make it any easier that I had no real power to wield over the witnesses, but then it was just my job to find them, not to convince them to testify,

At the end of the day, I drove back to Carthage. Carthage was about a third the size of Williams, even that was larger than I would have liked. I didn't mind the fact that we had a mall or that we had strip malls all over hell, it was the rush hour traffic that irked me the most. The town had not been laid out for the kind of traffic we had. The traffic was the direct result of the over flow of worker bees from Williams. For some reason known only to themselves, all the home builders decided to build along a corridor between Williams and Carthage. What it did was to make traffic miserable in Carthage without adding a lot of services to the town itself. Most of the worker bees went back to Williams to shop.

Once I got past the new housing developments, things seemed to returned to small town life. Carthage seemed to be suffering from a split personality. I had managed to stay in my own part of the town until my commute to Williams began. After that I never saw the town the same.

"Hey, you are back." It was Molly who spoke to me.

"Yes, I made it home for the weekend. So how have things been?"

"Not so bad, Misty was tempted to cut the grass, but I told her to wait until the weekend to see what you had in mind. I thought you might not want her using your lawnmower."

"I don't mind that, but it's my job. You pay your rent and I keep the place up. It's kind of a tradition, I think." I smiled to let her know I was going to be cooperative. "So things are getting serious with you and Misty?"

"Not really, but she needs a place to stay for a while, you don't mind do you?"

"No, I don't mind but it is awfully small for two people. You had better be damn sure like each other or there will be a murder."

"Don't worry, we like each other just fine." I caught the smile, but I ignored it.

I made a quick dash to the store for a pre made salad, then grilled one of the butcher's hamburger patties. That along with a large glass of iced tea was my dinner. It kept me satisfied while I used to computer to check on a hundred things. I missed not having the computer at Mary's. I was more social without a computer, but the problem was that I was forced to be more social. I knew that I really should get a traveling computer.

I looked around on line for hours but just couldn't decide. I switched to doing research on cameras. That took me right up until midnight. I finally gave up on it all and crawled into my own bed. I slept just as I had at Mary's house. It seemed that I slept just fine no matter whose bed I was in. I hadn't slept in a lot of strange beds, so it was a nice thing to know.

I did the walk thing, then sat back at my computer for more research. I finally decided on a computer. Well it would be more honest to say that I decided where to buy a new computer. If I planned to work even on the edge of digital photography, I needed a better set up but a laptop with those specs would cost a small fortune.

It made more sense to upgrade my not too old desktop to do the heavy lifting first. Then to turn my mind to a smaller version I could take with me on the road. On the road being to Mary's house now and later to festival or reenactments.

With that decision made it was simply a matter of checking the specs on my desktop computer. From the manufacturers site I found that I had 500 megs of memory and a 10 gigabyte hard drive. The computer could operate with 2 gigs of memory and at least a 250 gigabyte hard drive. So I sat about buying the upgrades.

I bought four used 500 megabyte sticks of memory on ebay. Then I bought a 200 gigabyte hard drive there as well. I read the instruction on how to install it all and it sounded pretty simple. So I was reasonably confident.

Saturday for lunch I planned to get take out from the Doghouse. Everybody in the world claimed to have the best hot dogs. All of them except the Doghouse lied. I saw Molly and Misty sunning themselves on the deck. Molly looked okay in her bikini, she did have a kind of a blocky body after all. Misty on the other hand was a pure knockout. The idea I had rattling around in my head was moving closer to being a solid plan. I wanted Misty to be my first model, but I didn't want to hurt Molly's feelings. After all she was the one with the job, as well as the one paying rent on the unit next door.

"Hey girls, if that isn't illegal it should be," I said it smiling broadly.

"I checked, it isn't illegal not even in public." Misty said smiling back.

"I'm going to make a doghouse run, you guys want anything?"

"I would adore a doghouse with sauce," Molly said.

"That's a hotdog stand?" Misty asked.

'Something like that, so do you want one."

"Sure get me one with whatever you guys are having on it."

"I get slaw, onions, and sauce on mine it sounds like Molly just wants sauce, so pick your poison."

"Get mine like yours then," she suggested.

"Okay, I'll be right back." The drive and then the ordering through the clown took only a few minutes. I was back in less than fifteen minutes. I loved that the Doghouse was only a few blocks away.

After we finished out dogs on the decks, I decided to bring up the idea I had. "Girls I have a favor to ask. You don't have to agree, I won't hold it against you if you decide not to do it."

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