Friday, December 11, 2009

The lawyer's end

"So Jeff how you get here?" The question came in broken english from a very oily looking man.

Yes I was tempted to explain about airplanes and Helicopters but I instead I answered, "Not many places for a sniper to work, if he isn't in the military."

"So you were in the American Army?"

"Yep, that's the one."

"Why you not work for CIA. I thought everyone worked for CIA."

"Oh I worked for them a few times, but they are more a freelance gig. Every time they get a new boss, the fire all the killers. Then after reality sets in they hire new killers. I just like a steadier gig."

"I no understand?"

"Neither did I the first time they sent me packing." I looked at the building across the street where the next victim would appear in about half an hour. "After the second time, I knew that it was not for me." The building was two story with a deck on top. The soon to be deceased drug cartel lawyer would soon be taking his last meal on the roof deck.

"So now you work for the boss full time?"

"Yes, there seem to be a lot of people who need to be switched off." I looked at the watch one more time before I spoke again. "Manny, you need to go on down and bring the car to that side door. I don't want to get there and find you gone."

"Of course, it may be difficult to find a place to wait." The local version of the Mafia henchman replied. The boss would use anyone, I thought.

"Yes, go find us a good one." I was more worried about Gloria, than I was Manny. Glory would be along any minute. I just didn't need the two of them talking at the same time.

He was out the door only a few seconds when she appeared. "So Jeffie, you are going to shoot a drug lord?"

"It seems so."

"Good, it's time He turned his attention to them."

"There are a lot of worse people in the world," I replied

"Obviously he felt like this was important."

"True, ours is not to reason why etcetera. Too bad that removing this cancer won't kill the patient."

"My Goodness Jeff, are you getting poetic?"

"Not a chance, Just a shame he isn't with about a hundred of his clients."

"I expect He has his reasons."

"Yes I'm sure he does." I lifted the British .303 world war 2 sniper rifle off the desk. I attached it to the tripod, which set well back from the window. I certainly didn't want anyone to see me or the flash from the rifle. Adding three more meters to the shot wouldn't make much difference. I could either put it in his eye, or in his nose, he would still be just as dead. The exit damage would compensate for any slight variation in the entry point.

"So how do you feel about this one?" Gloria asked.

"I don't feel anything. He wants him dead and I need the money. Everything else is pretty much immaterial."

"Do you mean that if it were a mother with children, you would do her in front of them."

"Of course not there are always options in setting up the shot."

"So if Hector there comes out with his wife and kids, you will walk away."

"The place is paid for by Hector alright, but his mistress lives there. If he comes out with his mistress, she might well be wearing his brain. I have it on pretty good authority that it doesn't wash out."

"You are a cold bastard," Gloria said.

"I know." If Gloria had been real, she would have noted the sadness in my voice. Being a cold bastard wasn't much of a life.

My right ankle itched like hell. I did a lot lately,when I worked. The problem was that my right leg was missing from the knee down. It seems as though my military career ended with a bang. Land mine in the LZ. How that happened I still didn't know.

Hector came out before I could finish feeling sorry for myself. He wasn't very tall to be so powerful a man. They said he could bribe almost anyone. Those he couldn't bribe he either intimidated or had killed. That, they said, was the Columbian justice system.

The boss decided that they needed one more player in the game down there. I wasn't the player, the boss was. The order for Hector's elimination came with instructions to make as large a statement as possible. A simple head shot would have been easier, but wouldn't make much of a statement.

When he seated himself, I tickled the trigger. The copper jacketed lead slug was so hot I could almost see the smoke as it traveled through the air. The heavy slug hit him between the legs. Blood began to spurt from the artery which the bullet cut. I watched through the scope while the man quickly bled to death. I sat there ready to kill anyone who tried to help him.

Hector Bled out before my eyes. After I was 90% sure he was dead, I put a second round in his head. I didn't get paid to leave him alive so I made damn sure he was dead.

"It's time to go Jeff," Gloria said with urgency in her voice.

I nodded as I turned to the door. I made it to the waiting car. I even managed to survive the drive to the airport. Manny looked terrified as he approached the checkpoint by the airport gate. I could only hope that he was more afraid of the boss than the local drug lords or the cops.

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